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  • About

      • Joined M.B.B.S in the year 1976 at Stanley Medical College, Chennai.
      • Scored distinction in Microbiology in M.B.B.S course 
      • Joined in M.D (Obstetrics&Gynecology) in the year 1985 at Kurnool Medical College and finished in 1988. Finished DGO in 1987.
      • Started practice in 1989 at Nellore.Trained in ultrasound at Mediscan system, Chennai under Dr.Suresh.
      • First to start video Laparoscopy in Nellore District and has been trained by Dr. Mitra of Apollo Hospitals.
      • Presented a best paper in National clinical psychologists conference at SRMC, Chennai in the year2001 on Reasons for conception-- Perception of couples from an Infertility clinic with certain organic and demographic profile.
      • Awarded Gold Medal for the best paper in 2006 at Kurnool (AP State Conference of Gynaecologists) for the topic “ Psycho social reasons for increase in incidence of caesarean sections&remedial measures”
      • Was a good speaker invited to Pune on the 1st National Health & Happiness Conference held in May, 2011 by Pune Obstetric& Gynaecology Society on the importance of Diet & Exercise in Health.
      • Did original research work on recurrent spontaneous abortion which has been published in International Journals like “HUMAN REPRODUCTION” “TISSUE ANTIGENS”  “PLOSONE” etc.
      • Presently working on Holistic Approach in the treatment of Infertility (By treating both the body & mind together) by assessing and treating all factors including Physical, Psychological, Social & Sexual Dimensions of Infertility
      • Treating & training pregnant mothers to have not only a healthy child but intellectually emotionally & spiritually an excellent child by increasing the maternal child bonding during pregnancy itself, by way of talking to the child in the womb & also having the right attitude and  more positive thoughts & dreams about the child in the womb.  Consciously promoting mothers to be happy always in pregnancy which influences the child.
      • Delivered about 15,000 children with zero maternal mortality.
      • Conducting prime extensive patient education programs regularly for the last 12 years, 3 days in a month for 36 days a year.  Delivered patientsand also patients who have conceived after treatment will share their experiences during interactive session.
      • Produced 13 episodes of Tele Serials called as ‘O’ Papa Lali for Infertility Patients Telecast in 2001 in Siti Cable Network throughout AP.
      • Produced 24 Episodes of Tele Serials on pregnancy called as ‘O’ MathrudevoBhava Telecast in Gemini Channel in the year 2008,which was seen nationally and internationally highly appreciated.
      • Hospital exclusively for Obstetric& Gynecology in Fertility at Pogathota, Nellore, (AP).
      • Area of interest is Infertility and High risk Obstetrics with special interest in recurrent abortions.
      • Has trained about 25 doctors in Obstetric and Gynecology till now
      • Apart from Dr. Andal and Dr.Bhaskar about 70 People are working in this hospital in various capacities.
      • 3 Gynaecologists, 8 Qualified Counsellors (Social Work for Fertility and Antenatal) one Yoga Therapist, the rest are paramedics (Nurses, Secretaries and other ministerial staff)
      • Constant and continuous good training programmes for the all staff members of men and lady from internal and external Trainers is a norm in the Hospital by R. Gopinath of GOPAST and V.N. Kantharao from Hyderabad.
  • Following are the Publications:

      • Role of Androgen Receptor CAG Repeat Polymorphism and X-Inactivation in the Manifestation of Recurrent Spontaneous Abortions in Indian Women.
      • Novel alleles of HLA-DQ and –DR Loci show association with Recurrent Miscarriages among South Indian Women.
      • HLA-G Polymorphism patterns show lack of Detectable Association with Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion.
      • Role of-bp Insertion/Deletion Polymorphism in HLA-F among Indian Women with Recurrent Spontaneous Abortions.
      • Role of Progesterone Receptor Polymorphisms in the Recurrent Spontaneous Abortions  Indian case.
best female gynecology doctor in chennai


  • Educational Qualifications:

      • 1981 M.B.B.S. from Kurnool Medical College
      • 1984 D.A. from Kurnool Medical College
      • 1985 M.D. from Kurnool Medical College
  • Publications:

      • Co-author of paper titled: “Reasons For Conception -- Perception Of Couples From An Infertility Clinic With Certain Organic And Demographic Profile” at National Conference of Clinical Psychologists held at Sri Rama Chandra Medical College, Chennai (2002).
  • Academic credentials:

      • Head of Human Resource Development department and responsible for training counselors.
      • Conducting health education programs for infertility and antenatal patients in chennai and hyderabad.
      • Doing counseling to the infertile couples and more specifically sexual counseling for male partners in infertility.
      • Interested in the area of Research.
  • Best Gynecologiest

      • We have received so many awards for being a Best Gynecologist in Nellore. We are also certified by bsi.
      • Our highly talented gynecology exprts available at any time to serve you the better treatment for all your gynecology related problems.
      • We are Conducting health education programs for infertility and antenatal patients to give the awareness of Labor pain, common gynecology problems and infertility treatments in chennai and hyderabad.
      • Counseling for the infertile couples were given by our gynecology doctors who very experianced as a specialists in infertility.
      • Most of the patients reach us by the reference of their friends and family members, this shows the quality of our service as a best gynecology doctors for over 25 years.