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Best Lady Gynecology Doctor

BEST LADY GYNECOLOGY IN INDIA- “Andals Lakshmi fertility clinic”

“Parenting is the best part of every human’s life” – says everyone but there are many people who fail in this parenthood due to many issues and get disappointed. Owing to this they are facing great criticism in this society at every cost. The major cause of failure is due to infertility in either men or women.

Andal Lakshmi Fertility Clinic in Nellore provides the best medical care services for infertility treatment in India with advanced medical technologies. We understand the fact that no two patients and the factors affecting infertility are alike thus, our lady gynecology specialist considers each couple as unique. We carefully observe and understand infertility issues from the root and then apply an effective treatment that works best for you.

Our respected Dr. Andal Lakshmi is addressed as the “ BEST LADY GYNECOLOGIST” in India because of her endless service in this field.

Best treatments in,

  • Infertility
  • Obstetrics
  • Gynecology.

The treatment for the men and women are given separately with the latest equipment with due care.

Treatment process          

The treatment process that our doctors carry out in our fertility clinic –

  • Interacting with couples
  • Counseling and meetings.
  • Physical tests
  • Medication

Treatment  IUI and laparoscopy treatments have also been done and the best reproductive medicines for the patients have been given.

Also, our fertility clinic in India has the best doctors and mainly focuses on cleanliness with a perfect environment to make the couple feel it is their home to share their problems freely with doctors.

Our treatment process is affordable and cost-effective and our doctors are also involved in research and development for the advancement in the treatment of infertility.

In spite of all these, we also provide treatment based on,

  • Pregnancy care
  • Sexual problems
  • Abortion
  • Talking to baby

We assure you that we will provide the best treatment for infertility for you and your partner with all the facilities that we possess with great care and condolence.

“Don’t worry about childlessness!” Join hands with our best gynecologist! We are there to care for you and your family.

Our Vision

Our Mission

  • Offer best quality treatment with reasonable cost. 
  • Create conditions that the prospective parents beget a healthy child, also sowing seeds of greatness in the child even before conception that they not only become parents but become proud parents.
  • Imbibe true happiness in all our associates that is radiating from the attitude of service of our invaluable team.
  • To be hailed as the most respected medical institution of this globe, comforting multi-national, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural individuals, specifically in the area of fertility support.


  • Curing a patient of his ailment is divinity. Life is from God, sacred and precious. Serving them is serving God. 
  • We communicate our concern with utmost sincerity. 
  • We breathe cleanliness.This institution is a temple.
  • Discipline is our blood line.
  • Competency is our duty and not a choice.
  • Our thoughts, words and deeds will be aligned, with morality in all aspects of life.
  • All our associates deserve high respect. We will relate to them with kindness and compassion.
  • Working together is the real strength.
  • We take money for treatment, but we will never treat a patient for money.
  • Research and development will take the first share from our income.
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