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Our Infertility clinic Facilities

Dr. Andal’s Lakshmi Fertility Clinic for Female and Male Infertility Treatment in Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai.  It was established on June 30th, 1989 in the heart of Nellore city by Dr. S. Bhaskar and Dr. S. Andal Bhaskar, providing first class medical care in infertility treatments and also doing obstetrics and gynecology. Till now we have treated more than 25,000 non-fertile patients. Our philosophy is to make the patient more confident and to provide ‘a Home in the Hospital’ atmosphere so that they come out of the problem.

People who taking treatments in Dr. Andal's Lakshmi Fertility Clinic taken for a proper counseling first. Both Male and Female Partners could be treated in a single room and fruitless analysis to be done for female as separate like IVF(In Vitro Fertilization) treatments also be done for the patients who need this cure. Male patients due to low sperm counts and other motility problems, sperm defects were used to tested. Fertility specialists handle the patients well in a friendly manner to know the reasons of patients for the Infertility. Hospitalization will be done by our gynec specialist with advanced medicines.

Our Fertility Clinic started as a Gynecology practitioner, treating antenatal, gynec and infertile couple, some of the incidents in our experience have driven us to think more about the problem of both male and female infertility. The following question posed by a patient that “why she didn’t conceive in spite of all tests being normal and taking medication for sterile for a long time was a turning point in understanding the problem of fruitless from a different angle”. This made us reflect and realize that pregnancy is affected by the stress and negative attitude.

Treatments were started regularly after the counseling and proper medicines are advised to consume during at the time of treatment. For remedy, patients must cooperate with the doctors without neglecting or skipping any periodic cycles of treatment. Treatments were done in different periods of time so they have to calculate their menstruation cycles periodically for a female patient to get a proper pregnancy. Checking up the Hormone and estrogen level regularly leads to well treatment of patients. Starting stage Treatments will be done in the clinic with latest Equipment’s.

Patients treated with proper facilities and with high-quality Equipment’s. For male patients sperm level is to be check with the proper procedures. Male zygote is to be tested for the fertility process. For this process a sample is collected from the patient and it is tested for an abundance process and Female ovum also used in the test for a proper diagnosis. Infertile patients have been treated with proper treatment for fertility so that we assure no side effects occur for both the male and female patients.

We have world class facilities with Air conditioned Operation Theaters. Laparoscopic surgeries like Ovarian drilling, ovarian cyst removal, Endometriosis surgery, Laparoscopic Tubectomy, Laparoscopic hysterectomy and diagnostic laparoscopic were done by experienced doctors with love and care. This is the reason for the patients from Hyderabad and Bangalore were came to Nellore for taking treatments. We assure that the patients who are all taking reproductive therapy with us will feel more comfortable and confident that they are in the safe place of non-fertile experts and most experienced Infertility Doctors in Chennai, Infertility Doctors in hyderabad and Infertility Doctors in bangalore.

Due to today's improper food habits women's were suffered by Impotence problems. By having Junk foods, fast foods and taking uncontaminated oily food in their daily life's cause getting obese easily and obese cause number of problems mainly like infertility or non-pregnancy, heart attacks, organs are damaged in our body, impotence also happens due to liquor drinking, smoking and taking vaccine in abnormally  may also cause cancer.

Infertility treatments in Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore for the people who were not able to conceive are advised to get proper treatments for conceive in all the way the natural or else the proper counseling for both the male and Female using the latest technologies. Fallopian tubes and male zygote were tested using the latest equipment and sperm is to be injected in the ovule of the female ovary for the reproduction naturally if not getting conceive other types of treatments will be followed with the hope and its the main reason is to accept by the both male and female persons.

The Main Goal of our Reproductive Clinic is to propose the best treatment for Male and Female fertility Treatment Services. Currently, we are available in Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore under one roof that is from Infertility Treatment of Fertility till Delivery. We present our 28 years of occurrence, expertise and latest Technologies in the area of childlessness and treatment plan considered for individual needs.

Dr. Andal’s Lakshmi Fertility Clinic has the following specialities:

  • air-conditioned Operation Theatres

    • Four big well-equipped air-conditioned Operation Theatres
    • Aloka  and GE ultrasound scanner
    • Hysteroscopy
    • colposcopy

  • laparoscopic surgeries

    • Ovarian drilling
    • Ovarian cyst removal
    • Endometriosis surgery
    • Laparoscopic Tubectomy
    • Laparoscopic hysterectomy
    • diagnostic laparoscopy

  • specialities

    • exclusive breast feeding -motivation and practical support
    • Conducting Infertility and Antenatal meetings
    • Sexual Counseling by Dr. E. Rajagopal Reddy
    • Anaesthetist -24/7
    • Pharmacy