Dr. Andal’s Lakshmi Fertility Clinic for patients by Best Infertility doctor in chennai and it was established in 1989.we started Infertility Treatment in Chennai as a gynecology practitioner, treating antenatal, gynaec and infertile couple, some of the incidents in our experience have driven us to think more about the problem of infertility.Become a specialist and best Infertility doctor to cure more than 25,000 infertility patients coming from various places like Chennai. It is the question posed by a patient that why she didn’t conceive inspite of all tests being normal and taking best treatment for infertility for a long time was a turning point in understanding the problem of infertility from a different angle. This made us reflect and realise that conception  is influenced by the stress and negative attitude. 

The Infertility doctor in Dr. Andal’s Lakshmi Fertility Clinic , concerned and caring people who really can listens to the patient symptoms and complications in detail before reaching the conclusion. They clearly understand the patients health condition and give the best solution also the counseling to make treatments comfort and confident. By making then, feeling comfort  the patients will get positive results mainly they hope for getting the treatments and doctor were used some of the imported latest facilitated equipment’s were used for the treatments to analyse for the both male and female to find the symptoms to cure the infertility problems. So the environment in Chennai,is having a best place to treat infertility by best doctor to give treatment for the infertility and also to go ahead for the treatments.

If you are thinking of being treated, or considering seeking infertility treatment, it is appropriate to start with our best Infertility doctor and infertility specialist. The Infertility Doctor will give Counseling for both the male and female patients who suffered for infertility in both or else if they asked do treatments in unique way that gives them the confident about their health. Even though the patients comes with some health issues, most of the cases in and around Chennai the patients comes for the infertility treatments by around chennai. By giving proper counseling and treatment for the patients by the experienced Infertility doctors they can give the best treatments and will be cure from Infertility for sure.

The patients come for the treatments in Andal lakshmi fertility clinic come along with the hope always and they get treated well 100% of people get the benefits and advantage after gone for the counseling and immediate treatments in the Dr.andal Lakshmi fertility clinic get good and positive results always form the patients and infertility treatments doctor make you hope and treated well and cure the problems and make the women pregnant in a better way as soon as possible.


Common laparoscopic surgeries done:

Our Services

  • Counseling

    • General counseling
    • Specific or customized counseling
    • One-to-one counseling by conceived patient to another patient
    • Sexual counseling
    • Infertility meetings (Interactive sessions)
    • Audio-visuals


  • Infertility Meetings

    • Infertility meetings are given special emphasis and are conducted twice a month on Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 12 noon.
    • All patients along with their family members are encouraged to attend the interactive sessions.
    • The couples taking treatment are free to ask questions.
    • For each meeting 3 or 4 conceived couples will share their experience.Questions on the problem are discussed in depth.
  • Antenatal Meetings

    • Antenatal meetings are conducted once in a month on Friday from 10 AM to 12 noon.
    • The pregnant women are inspired and motivated by the patients who delivered with us by sharing their experiences in the meeting.
    • Pregnant women were advised about their diet, exercise, their care during work, their mental attitude during pregnancy, tips for easy delivery, talking to the baby during pregnancy and various other topics are discussed.
    • The couples taking treatment are free to ask questions.
  • laparoscopic surgeries

    • Diagnostic laparoscopy
    • Ovarian drilling
    • Ovarian cyst removal
    • Laparoscopic hysterectomy
    • Laparoscopic Tubectomy
    • Ovarian cyst removal
    • Endometriosis surgery