Sexual Problems

Many couples who may have earlier developed a satisfactory sexual relationship may find that their sexual pleasure and performance can be impaired by the stresses of attempting conception and the pressures of the infertility evaluation. These pressures are often accentuated by well meaning physicians who erroneously instruct their patients as to sexual position, timing and frequency.

mid cycle male impotency (since ovulation is understood by many couples to be the most fertile time of the cycle, this problem may present as a mid cycle pattern of sexual dysfunction. In these circumstances, the couple ceases to “make love” and instead attempts to “make a baby”). Inability to perform coitus for a post-coital test, or inability to submit a semen sample is frequently noted. Under these conditions, it is not surprising that a husband might have doubts that will he be able to perform adequately once he has experienced his first episode of sexual dysfunction. These pressures are further amplified by either the inability of the couple to admit to the dysfunction, a form of denial or by the feelings of shame, guilt and inadequacy that may evolve.

Sexual Problems :