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Alternative treatment for IVF

Treatment of Infertility encompassing physical, psychological, social and sexual dimensions helps in better results from our experience. A good physical preparation by way of taking proper diet, exercise, meditation helps for a successful pregnancy. Infertility as it causes low self-esteem, low self-confidence, anger and frustration when properly counselled improves the chance of conception. Social pressures to conceive and the humiliation they have to face with proper education of the couple can be thought of how to mitigate it.

alternative for IVF

Sexual problems may also the important reason for infertility. Prolonged infertility imposes sexual activity to become a mechanical work. The joy and pleasure of sexual activity is lost. By proper sexual counselling allowing them to go back into their natural self, improve the chances of conception in a natural way, except for absolute indications like Azoospermia, Bilateral tubal block, very advanced maternal age. The above treatment modalities are practiced by us have given good results for good number of patients of Infertility. Therefore, number of the Infertility patients can be treated by lifestyle changes and other treatment process as mentioned above with good physical and mental preparation yield in successful results for those people who want to have a natural conception can follow the above treatment methodology avoiding IVF.

Lifestyle and Dietary Changes:

Recommendations for optimizing fertility often include a healthy lifestyle including regular exercise, balanced diet and proper stress management. Particular diet alterations, including reduce the intake of beer and coffee consumption or quitting cigarette smoking while keeping a slim body may contribute positively to reproductive health.

Mind-Body Techniques:

We use Yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices in order to decrease stress levels that can have a beneficial effect on fertility. Other fertility clinics provide mind-body programs along with standard therapies.

Mind body techniques

Nutritional Therapy:

Working with a nutritionist or dietitian may help individuals improve their diet in order to promote overall health and reproductive wellbeing.Nutritional therapy advocates for an adequate and nutritious diet.

Conventional and alternative solutions are subject to open communication and collaboration for the best possible outcome at all times. Dr Andallakshmi Fertility Clinic is one of the best hospitals for alternative IVF.