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Infertility Treatment in Bangalore

Dr. S. Bhaskar and S.Andal Bhaskar founded it on June 30, 1989, in the center of Nellore City. Online consultations are available for infertility treatment in Bangalore at Dr. Andal's Lakshmi Fertility Clinic for both men and women. They provide online consultations in Bangalore among other places. Along with infertility treatments in Bangalore, it offers top-notch obstetrical and gynecological medical care. We have seen over 25,000 infertile patients thus far. By giving the patient a sense of confidence and creating "a Home in the Hospital," we want to help them overcome their issue.

Patients at Dr. Andal's Lakshmi Fertility Clinic need to go through the appropriate counseling before beginning treatment. For female patients who require ineffective analyses, such as IUI treatments, they may be administered separately; male and female spouses may receive therapy under same roof. Sperm deficiency was used to evaluate male patients with low sperm counts and other motility issues. When providing infertility treatment part (only diet and counselling) in Bangalore through online consultation. Fertility specialists treat patients with compassion and understanding, getting to know them and their causes of infertility. Our gynecologist will use state-of-the-art medicine to perform hospitalization. In a couple of the discussions, we had brought up the subject of infertility in both sexes.

In the beginning, our fertility clinic treated infertile, gynecological, and pregnant patients. It was a patient's question, "Why she didn't conceive despite all tests being normal and taking medication for sterile for a long time," that allowed the physician to see infertility from a fresh angle. This made us stop and think about the effects of stress and a negative mindset on pregnancy. We treat infertility in both males and females using the most recent technologies along with compassion and care. The most important thing to remember while starting infertility treatment is that both male and female couples must maintain their faith in the doctor and the therapy plan. With the correct infertility therapy, infertility is curable despite its unpleasant nature. Our exceptional infertility and gynecologists provide counseling and direction to help you handle challenging situations by striking a healthy balance between treatment and daily living. Because our counseling sections are quite successful, we have long-distance overseas patients as well as patients from Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, Vizag and within India.

After counseling, regular therapies were started, and suitable medicine was recommended to be used during the course of treatment. Patients must work with their doctors and complete all planned treatment cycles in order to obtain treatment. Because treatments were given at different periods, female patients need to routinely calculate their menstrual cycles in order to ensure a healthy pregnancy. It is beneficial for patients to have their hormone levels regularly monitored. The facility will employ the most recent technology to carry out first-stage procedures. Patients receive care in suitable environments with state-of-the-art machinery. When assessing sperm counts in male patients, the proper methods should be applied. For this method, a patient sample is obtained, and it is analyzed for an abundance process. Infertile patients have been given the right fertility medication to ensure that neither the male nor the female patients suffer any negative side effects.

Among our cutting-edge facilities are air-conditioned operating rooms. Laparoscopic treatments such as ovarian drilling, ovarian cyst removal, endometriosis surgery, laparoscopic tubectomy, laparoscopic hysterectomy, and diagnostic laparoscopic were lovingly and carefully carried out by experienced doctors. For this reason, patients from Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, the US, the UK, and South Africa came to Nellore for treatment. We promise that all of our patients undergoing reproductive therapy will experience a greater sense of comfort and security knowing that they are under the competent care of the best infertility specialists and professionals in India.

Women are experiencing impotence as a result of today's bad eating habits. Regular consumption of junk food, fast food, and uncontaminated, high-fat foods makes people easily obese, which increases the risk of heart attacks, infertility or non-pregnancy, organ damage, alcohol-induced impotence and smoking, which can also result in cancer. The main goal of our reproductive clinic is to suggest the best course of action for fertility treatment services for both men and women. We are currently able to provide online consultations to patients who live far from Nellore like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, and other cities in India. Bangalore's infertility treatment facilities work to help many couples achieve their goal of becoming parents by encouraging hope and optimism during the conception process.